PBSC are manufacturers of quality components for clean room and high containment applications. Some of the components PBSC supplies are mist showers, fogging showers and air showers for personnel decontamination. For high level disinfection of materials PBSC supply large HPV decontamination chambers, decon pass through hatches using hydrogen peroxide or formaldehyde. Also PBSC supply a full range of mechanically interlocked pass through hatches (either floor or wall mounted applications),clean room door sets, cleanroom glazing screens, high containment doors for BSL3-Ag, BSL4-Ag facilities, dunk tanks, high containment vision panels. Please see the individual product pages on the website for more details on each of the products and please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on any of the products.

The unrelenting search for innovative design, a thorough eye for detail and matchless pioneering manufacturing techniques have seen PBSC gain a deserved reputation today as the premier supplier of what are arguably the best components in the world for clean controlled environments.

Rigorous R&D, hard work and superior engineering skills, allied to careful consideration of our end-users requirements, have allowed us to gradually expand our product range over the years to a point where we now include industry standards alongside individual bespoke components, all built to our same exacting standards.

Our large assembly area means that we can also undertake factory acceptance tests and quality check all items prior to dispatch to you.

Creating cleaner and more contained environments since1987

PBSC systems and components have been specifically designed and developed to meet the most stringent requirements of pharmaceutical, biotechnological, medical, hospital, food processing, semi-conductor and many controlled environments in research and manufacturing fields, in full compliance with the requirements of the Department of Health, FDA, GMP and British Standards.

PBSC components are the accepted yardstick by which others measure themselves…

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