1.2 APR Inflatable seal Phenolic resin doors

PBSC’s range of Phenolic Resin APR doors provide a alternative to stainless steel door fabrications. Phenolic resin Inflatable seal APR doors are available in a number of standard configurations and provide a solid core leaf construction, eliminating possible internal contamination risk. Phenolic resin doors feature high quality cast stainless steel hinges and a coved smooth seal face stainless steel door frame. The standard door frame is flush to floor and is rebating into the floor slab.

Door is available up to:

47” Wide x 94” high

Flush glazed door vision panels can be provided in a number of sizes to suit the application.

Extensive test data is available from our technical department listing tests at 2”,4” and 8” WC.

The door sets are factory tested before being dispatched to ensure integrity.

When the pressure is on – you can rely on PBSC

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