5.1 HPV Material Decontamination Chamber

PBSC’s Materials Air Lock (MAL) permits products, equipment, electronic items from the healthcare and life sciences industries to be decontaminated in a safe reliable and residue free manner with hydrogen peroxide vapor.

Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour is generated by a BioQuell Clarus HPV generator, trusted and tested in thousands of applications around the world. An on board aeration module provides rapid aeration without large air flows from the HVAC system. Full range aeration options available on request.

Rapid bio-decontamination is possible providing typical cycle times from 60 minutes (subject to load). Equipment in the MAL is subject to a 6 log 10 reduction in viable spores.

Gas cycle development and testing using relevant Biological Indicator challenges is carried out on the chamber before being handed over.

Key Features:

Stainless steel construction chamber, modular so the largest part can fit through a standard single door way

Inflatable seal – interlocked load/unload doors.

Flush threshold on both doors, with no need for a pit.

Automated HPV cycle (GAMP compliant)

Monitoring of all critical cycle parameters

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