5.4 HPV Retro Doors

Where an existing facility requires a rapid upgrade to permit HPV bio decontamination PBSC offer a Retro Fit door package. This system is the loading and unloading doors of the popular MAL. The actual chamber is created by the clients own walls/corridor – minimizing disruption of site operations.

The loading door provides a 43” clear access opening into the decontamination chamber. The bulkhead includes: Door frame, inflatable seal door, control panel and PLC HMI screen. HPV Clarus connection nozzles, vapor circulation fan and electrical outlet.

The Unload door provides a 43” clear access opening, inflatable seal door, door frame. From to wall infill panel and vapor circulation fan.

Note to permit utilities access into the bulkheads the end wall thickness should be between 3”to 5.5”

As this is a customized design – please contact PBSC’s technical department for more details.

HPV Retro Doors - Contact PBSC for more information

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Click to see larger image

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