2.5 Emergency Escape Panels

PBSC have been manufacturing Emergency Escape panels (Breakout walls) since the late 1980’s Mounted into a high quality stainless steel frame the Emergency Escape panel provides a contained seal between clean or hazardous facilities and street side or escape lobby zones within the facility.

The acrylic escape panel is mounted in a proprietary polymer mounting strip. Once the retaining polymer bead is pulled out the escape panel is loose and may be pulled from the frame to permit escape.

The escape panels are supplied with wrap around frames made to suit the wall thickness of the installation. If the wall is a fire wall, the breakout panel can be made to fix in front of the fire door and provide improved leakage resistance prevent the door being used as general access.

Standard sizes are 32” x 79” although custom sizes are available to meet specific applications

PBSC has options to suit most needs, so please contact us to discuss.

download Emergency Escape Panel PDF brochure

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