3.3 Floor Mounted Pass Thru

PBSC’s Floor mounted Pass-Thru hatch range provide a trolley or cart compatible barrier/pass point between facilities and adjacent corridors or service areas. The mechanical interlock system at the heart of the PBSC Pass-Thru is simple and reliable and requires no power or pneumatic connections. Float glass doors mounted on PBSC’s cast stainless steel hinges permit the door leaf to seat down against our unique silicone seal. Easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and durable in operation, The PBSC floor mounted Pass-Thru hatch is available in Stainless steel construction (316 or 304) or economical Phenolic Resin. The hatch is available with a number of wall/floor interface options to suit Cleanroom panels, masonry or cast concrete.

Standard Floor Mount Pass-Thru sizes are:

Bespoke sizes available

24” x 48” x 48”

36” x 48” x 48”

A large range of custom options are available including dimensional variations, security interlocks or HVAC connections. Please contact PBSC to discuss your requirements.

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