4.2 Fogging Encapsulation Shower

PBSC’s Ultrasonic Fogging shower has been assessed by SafeBridge Consultants inc. using surrogate API’s in conjunction with Tyvek over suits. The effective fogging cycle provided by the PBSC fogging shower effectively encapsulates API particles with minimal wetting through of the operators PPE suit. Reductions in surface concentrations can be up to 800 times less than the start contamination levels. Airborne break our during de-gowning can be similarly reduced to insignificant levels.

Due to variation in API particle size solubility and wetting factors – PBSC recommend all decontamination cycles are developed and validated utilizing you in house SHE department or the services of SafeBridge Consultants inc.

Standard construction is 316 or 304 quality Stainless Steel – a number of custom options including PLC control, additional hood wash guns and drainage options.

Where decontamination performance is critical – call PBSC first.

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